Zenia B. Wadhwani

Zenia Wadhwani has spent most of her career in the non-profit sector and more recently in the area of corporate citizenship, specializing in community engagement, stakeholder relations and diversity & inclusion.  

As a long time lover of books, an advocate for literacy and a promoter of emerging writers, but one who often does things later in life than perhaps one should, Zenia has finally written a book of her own!

This book was inspired by a big tray of mithai one Diwali many years ago and while she's never had much of a sweet tooth, Zenia's favourite mithais are her mom's scrumptious Sindhi varo; her mother-in-law's rich kalakhand; her Tara Aunty's delicious gulab jamun; and her Aunty Neelam's to-die-for besan barfi.

Zenia lives in Toronto and proudly sits on the Board of The Children's Book Bank, a small charitable organization that ensures all kids have access to books. Find out how you can support them here


Manon Lariviere

Manon Lariviere left her hometown to train as a classical ballet dancer with the prestigious Eddy Toussaint Dance Academy in Montreal. She later became a dance instructor for young children while pursuing studies in graphic design and animation at the CEGEP du vieux Montreal.

Over the past 10 years as a freelance illustrator, she has given life to her own imaginary world through numerous projects including children’s books, school manuals, marketing and publicity campaigns, working for some of Montreal’s top publishers.  


Manon's colorful imagination has no boundaries; she has built her reputation on creating original characters that evoke an enchantment with the whimsical. Her work can be found here as well as the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Ste-Justine Hospital.​​

It Takes a Village

Sabina Shahani


Sabina began her career as an elementary teacher in Canada. She currently works as an Environmental Education Teacher Ambassador for DC Public Schools and in 2019 was awarded Teacher of the Year by EcoRise. When she's not teaching, she loves to take early morning walks, bake with her son and teach Bollywood dance to the kids in her neighbourhood. Sabina lives in Bethesda, MD and is a mom to a future author/illustrator named Nikhil.

Vishal Shahani

Production Design

Vishal is a creative professional raised in Toronto, currently residing in Boston. His passion for art came at an early age and was cultivated throughout his youth. Vishal's experience and expertise in production art and graphic design is wide, but his specialty is in packaging design and marketing. Vishal has a huge sweet tooth and his favourite Indian mithai is freshly made jalebis.

And to all the kiddos who gave nothing but honest feedback of mithai monster - thank you!

Love you forever Avani Sharma, Venya B., Sofia, Siona & Kamren Duggal; Ishaan, Keiyona & Tamira Manocha;

Nikhil Malkani; Nehaa Motwani; Krish Raman; Anika Seegobin; and Vedyn, Kian & Talun Wadhwani.